Service Continuity Management


Service continuity management is a service management practice inside ITIL 4 that you don't need to know for the ITIL 4 foundation level exam. However, it is going to be covered briefly in this article as good-to-know information. The purpose of service continuity management is to ensure that the availability and performance of a service is maintained at a sufficient level in the event of a disaster.

What is a disaster? A disaster is a sudden, unplanned event that causes great damage or serious loss to an organization. This might be a catastrophic natural disaster like hurricane, earthquakes or diseases that cause pandemics. It could also be a disaster of a more modern technological flavor like a hacker or a data breach. Either way, if it causes a sudden, unplanned event that causes great damage or serious loss, this would go under your service continuity management.


This practice is going to provide you with a framework for building your organization's resiliency and ensure that you have the capability of producing the effective responses needed to safeguard the interests of your key stakeholders and your organization's reputation, your brand and your value-creating activities. For instance, Dion Training's websites have multiple copies of their servers. They have them backed up online and offline. They have redundant servers and load balancers so that hopefully, even if one server goes down, the other ones can carry the load. This ensures that Dion Training can get through the disaster until they can recover the server that went down.

In service continuity management, ask what things you are doing to make sure your availability and your performance remain at a sufficient level so you're not going to lose time, money, or value for your customers whenever there's a disaster.



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