Service Catalog Management


Service Catalog Management is a service management practice inside ITIL 4 that you don't need to know for the ITIL 4 foundation level exam but is going to be covered briefly in this article.

The practice of providing a single source of consistent information on all of your services and service offerings and ensuring that it is available to the relevant audience, is what's known as Service Catalog Management. For example, if you go to, you can see their service catalog. You're a relevant audience. You're going to see all of the different courses they have and the different types of practice exams and labs and the different types of video courses they offer. All of that is shown as part of their service catalog and you can make a choice based on that, of which offerings you want to use, and which ones are relevant for you.


Now, if you were running a large IT organization, you would have a lot of different things in your service catalog - you might have a desk top component, a laptop component, or the fact that you need a mobile component like a smart phone. You could go into the service catalog and say, "I need one iPhone that gives me X amount of bandwidth and X amount of service so I can do these things." You can order that from the Service Catalog based on that particular service offering. As you go and look at any IT company you deal with, you look at what offerings they have. You're going to see that this Service Catalog Management is what's at the heart of it. This is where you're going to say, "We're bringing on a new product next month. We'll list it in the catalog now, so you know it's coming or we're going to retire this product next month. We're going to list that now that this is ending soon. So, if you want to order it, you better get it now because it's going away in three months." This is the idea here when you talk about Service Catalog Management - telling people what is coming, what is being taken away and what is currently available.


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