Project Management


If you regularly pass by, you may have come across one of our articles on Portfolio Management. But Project Management, unlike portfolio management where you're trying to figure out what are the different projects and products and services that your organization should create, is focused on a single product or service or project that you're trying to get through.

Project management is the practice of ensuring that all of your organization's projects are delivered successfully. For example, when Dion Training decided to make an ITIL 4 course, this course became a project. They then went through their PRINCE2 methodologies and built the entire course based on that project management life cycle. As they moved it from an idea, through the different phases, to finally getting it completed, and getting it out to their consumers, that took the project from idea all the way through to delivery. In fact, Dion Training has done a lot of courses properly, and successfully, by using a good project management process.


Now why is project management so important? Let's say you need to install a brand-new network for your organization. It's going to be hundreds of computers, dozens of servers, lots of racks of network equipment and all of that kind of stuff. If you were doing it all by yourself, you might not need project management. But you're probably going to have a team of five or 10 or even 50 people working for you. If you have a large team, everyone needs to know what their role is and what pieces need to be done and when those pieces need to be done at which point in your timeline. You may be asking yourself if you need to get the servers or the racks in first or if you need to get the workstations online before or after the servers.

All of those things are things that are going to be handled within project management. They're going to figure out the timing, the sequencing and making sure you can get from the idea and the plan to the final execution, successfully. Project management is a huge field and if you're interested in project management, Dion Training recommends looking into our PRINCE2 courses, which are focused on project management or doing something like PMP, which is Project Management Professional. Depending on where you live in the world, one of those two certifications is going to be more popular. In the United States, PMP tends to be a little bit more popular. If you're in Europe or Asia, PRINCE2 seems to be more popular. If you want to get into project management, those would be our recommendation, looking at those two courses.



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