Organizational Change Management


Organizational change management is one of the 14 practices categorized under general management practice in ITIL 4 that you don't need to know in depth for the foundation level exam. But we at, brought to you by Dion Training, do not want to just leave any of our readers hanging. Here is an article that is going to cover it to give you a good general understanding of it.

Organizational change management is the practice of ensuring that changes in an organization are smoothly and successfully implemented, and that lasting benefits are achieved by managing the human aspects of changes. Be cautious though as this practice is different from change management, another term you may have come across in the technical world.


In the technical world, you may want to make a change to the baseline or want to add an additional hard drive to one of your servers. That would be change management, but it's not organizational change management. Instead, organizational change management often occurs as part of process improvements and continual improvement processes. Now, if you're going to go through and change the processes of how your organizations does things, or the way you conduct business, you have to help change the culture and the acceptance across that culture, within your organization. This is why it is important to manage that human aspect of changes.

You want to make sure that you're getting the humans involved so that they can change things, and that those changes are long-lasting. That's what organizational change management is all about. It is how you keep the momentum going when dealing with a continual improvement, because without that change of the person, those changes are going to be short-lived. Change the organizational culture along with it as that's what organizational change management is really focused on.



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